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Interior Upgrade Pkg - Late Availability

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In the process of ordering 2016 MR, LWB, up in Ontario, Canada. The Dealer is having trouble ordering the Interior Upgrade Package. It is showing "late availability". It does print out items in the int package as per last years list, including a 4" display and "SYNC", no mention of SYNC 3, which I thought had a bigger screen now? Also, I noticed the detailed item printouts make no mention of backup camera, which I understood to be standard equipment on 2016.
Anyone have any insight into these details would appreciate feedback.
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Thanks for the response. I drove a demo with the rear view mirror backup cam, did not care for it much. I will keep pressing to find out if the Interior Upgrade Pkg includes SYNC 3 and a decent screen. My order is for a cargo van, not the Wagon.
That is helpful WGC, thank u. I will not order NAV as i use Google maps on my sphone very sucessfully. Do you happen to know if the 4" screen is the same one as the 2015s? I noted on this forum some customers were unhappy with the small 2015s screens.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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