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Installed my Rack, Ladder, Bumper, Bullbar, Rear Bumper, Front Bumper, Pathfinder Lights and Winch

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In this series of episodes I visited Backwoods Adventure Mods in Springdale, Arkansas. They make some good stuff and I was able to learn about the crew and owners. This was the first stop on the tour and I spent a few days there before heading on to Houston.

Episode 1: Meeting Backwoods Adventure Mods and their Team

Episode 2: Build Day1 (tear down)

Episode 3: Build day 2 (Ladder and Rack)

Episode 4: Leaving Backwoods Adventure Mods (beautiful ride)

About my build series:

I recently organized a tour of North America to pick up all the components to build out my Ford 350HD into a video production and podcasting studio and home on wheels that I plan to drive from Alaska to Argentina, then Africa, Europe to Asia. I am currently over a month into this tour and have put out a lot of videos on the process.

Here is a map of the journey Vanlife Tour - Official JaYoe website.

I met with the owners and crews at all these shops, and learned a lot along the way, and started to build up my system too. Here is a list of the things I have/will cover in my journey:

  • Victron Energy – 48V power system, switches, inverter charger, BMS, Distributor, Shunt etc...
  • Wakespeed – Wakespeed 3000 DC control component
  • Backwoods Adventure Mods – Bumpers, Rack, Ladder, Winch, Pathfinder Lights
  • Wilson Amplifiers – WeBoost Fleet Series Booster
  • Lizard Skin – Sound Deadener / Ceramic Barrier
  • Nations Alternator – 48V alternator
  • Cruise and Comfort – 48V DC Air Conditioner
  • Van Windows Direct - Windows for the van
  • Agile Offroad – Lift kit and Suspension
  • BF Goodrich – K02 tires
  • Method Rims – Series 901 Rims
  • ZAMP Solar – 48V high Powered Solar System
  • Rixens Enterprise – Hydronic Heating System
  • Eberspaecher - Hydronic Furnace
  • Just Roaming – Floor, Victron Install and Support
  • Dometic – Dometic CRX 110S and 9500 Power Patio Case Awning
  • AutoVOX – V5 LCD Rearview Mirror
  • The Swivel Shop – Drivers side and Passenger side Scopema Swivels
  • Bluetti - EB70

I am going to use this thread to feature each video in the series. If you are interested, you can follow along and comment. I hope some of you can learn a bit or see some of the behind the scenes views of the companies a lot of us have bought from in the past.
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