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Install cruise control and aux power?

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Hey all, I just bought a used '15 LWB Transit van. It's exactly what I need, except it doesn't have cruise control. Is that installable? It wouldn't kill me but would be nice.

What about running auxillary power? Who's added an extra battery for storing extra power?
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The standard cruise is fine for my needs. The extra functions don't do anything for me. Thanks for relieving me of the feeling that I was missing out on something!
Ignoring the features. I think the handle is better since it will be more visable behind the steering wheel.
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Rostra Update: I've been using the Rostra Cruise Control unit for three months now and thought I'd provide an update. In a nutshell, the unit continues to work flawlessly. I mainly use it for speed control on open highways. It holds my speed within a couple of mph, and what I especially like is that it will give up a little bit of speed rather than downshifting on hills (and mountains). Not quite as convenient as having controls on the steering wheel, the stalk based system is very easy to turn on or off. Overall, I'd say it was a great addition.
yep, pretty simple to install now
A while back, they were a bit more difficult
Add Factory Cruise Control

Has anyone looked into adding factory cruise control to their Transit? I was going to add Factory Cruise to my F150 because all of the required plugs were present in the steering wheel and all that was needed was to add the switches (provision was in place) and get the function turned on by the dealership as I had read about in the F150 forum but instead bought a XLT . I think that the steering wheel would have to be purchased. I am wondering if Ford would actually have a different clock spring in the steering column for non cruise control vans.
Factory cruise is only available with the info center addon.

The consensus is that in addition to the visible parts, a whole ton of electronic guts in the sub dash and beyond would have to be replaced and reprogrammed by a willing dealership to get factory cruise control up and running (think $$$$, maybe even $$$$$, but certainly not $$$).
Has anyone tried replacing the steering wheel with a steering wheel that has cruise control switches on it. Look at this link, curious.
Has anyone tried replacing the steering wheel with a steering wheel that has cruise control switches on it.

Not what you are looking for but maybe it will give you some ideas

Do not miss indygreg's build thread!
Well, I got my Cruise Control Kit for Christmas. I am not going to install it until I can get the van to run. I still have the Fuel Pump Shutdown problem. I finally gave up on DIY and took it to Ford dealer. Got it back Friday and Today (Sunday) no start so still not repaired. Back to Ford tomorrow.
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