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I'd like some Captains Chairs in my Trainsit but...

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(sorry in advance, the text editor does not let me put paragraph breaks in!) I didn't realize it would be so difficult to find some captains chairs for my 148" Transit, but am finding it a challenge - even in Houston, TX. I keep coming across when web searching but my phone call to them today was mediocre at best. The sales lady, seemingly quite knowledgeable at first, didn't seem to understand that Transits are a competing product of the Sprinter. They have a whole dedicated line of seats that work with Sprinters which have integrated seatbelts, but for non-Sprinters (i.e. "Econo-lines") we would be limited on selections because non-Sprinters do not have the ability to reinforce the seat (plates on the bottom). Even though I said that we are looking for seats for the Transit, at the end of our conversation she asked "what is the make/model and year of your van?". We want to put 4 of the best (comfort, durability, safety, and just plain awesome) captains chairs in the rear of our Transit followed by a bench/sofa/bed seat in the back. Does anyone out there know of any places (preferably in Houston/Texas but could go further out)? Thanks!
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Try: Office Seats Online Custom Van Seats Online Custom Truck Seats Recreation Vehicle Seats RV Furniture from Superior Seats

They make/supply to some conversion van companys. I've installed their seats in the past.

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