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Husky/Weathertech: Get On With It!

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I just checked both web sites and I see nothing for the Transit. Husky told me back in October they were working on it. So much for that.

Anyone have any info from them on a time frame? I emailed again today, so I'll let you know what I hear. :mad:
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Thanks for that pic Duster.

I'm like Budsky, seems like it would be kinda' troublesome to remove and clean the one piece?

So I'm guessing no one makes these in a two piece set?
I like the Husky Xact contour, a more rubberized than plasticky feel, I like them a lot and highly recommend them.


Very happy with mine.
The instructions mentioned securing the mat using the posts, well if you don't get the carpet option you don't get posts either. So.... what I don't know yet is how well the mat will stay in place as I enter/exit the van over time, hopefully well enough.

It stays in place fine. No worries.
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