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Huge Transit Wagon Airbag

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Now I understand why there is no driver's side slider available on the Wagon.
Since I'm still kind of PTSD six months following the totaling of my Sprinter I'm now wondering if I should start with a wagon since I want the windows anyways. Will have to measure how my floor plan would effect side bag deployment, if it would protect my people sleeping on my sideways gaucho and bunk without interfering with it I just might give it some more consideration.
All I know is the guy that hit me head on was reportedly going over 100 mph while attempting to pass six vehicles in his MB 500 SL on a two lane bridge. We both survived.
Yup. Guess the shock flipped my photos around too!
There is an option for a slider on driver side as well but it is "late availability"
On the Wagon? Probably only on the cargo van.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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