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Currently in van limbo, dropped my 2019 Transit 3.7l HR ext off at Quadvan in Oregon on January 4th.

I've lived full time in this rig since I got it end of 2019. Previous I was in a Chevy express 1500 i bought in 2017 so major improvement.

Really excited to get my rig back, and get back to working and camping with it.
Everything build on the van is DIY, except for the 4x4 conversion/suspension upfit.
Ill share an updated picture of the rig once I receive it from the folks at Quadvan.

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2019 Ford Transit 250 Extended
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Definitely wish I had gone high roof extended.

Hope Quadvan is fast, horrible to be vanless.
It has been tough. I use the van to work in areas where housing is difficult to find, so I've been stuck back with the family for the time being.

Really miss it. The HR ext is really nice, it can be limiting with the departure angle, hoping the lift and rear suspension updates give it a little boost.
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