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How to upgrade the 4" screen ?

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HI everyone, I just got my 2015 Low Roof, 350 wagon xlt Diesel, long wheelbase.

Very happy with it, but Not happy with the small screen !!! at all.
( I will report MPG every week from now, stay tunned)

Any ideas on how to install a big screen on the dashboard ? Any kits in the market yet ?
I'm very concerned on keep the OEM look or the most aesthetic look.
(I don't like the portable solution with cables tuning all over the place.)

Is possible to purchase the OEM big screen and get installed it ?

I'm not concerned about budget here. Thank you all for keeping this forum alive !:)
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I noticed the 4" screen was a joke when using the back up camera during a demo drive and I already didn't want any functions using the display since I prefer aftermarket nav, radio, etc. My plan is to order base radio, remove it and install a Pioneer DVD, nav, radio with camera input and the higher cover Ford uses in their high end radio option. Cheaper and superior than what Ford offers.
Kayabusa - I haven't bought a transit yet to know which of the 3 radios and 3 different plastic covers I would start with. Preference is a custom order with basic radio and shelf top, remove the radio and measure how much room there is. Worst case is buying taller plastic from Ford.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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