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Here in Southern Ontario, we've been lucky this winter (so far) and not had any real snow. But yesterday, we had about (aboot??) 4" of snow mixed with rain, and freezing rain. Came out to drive the wife to work, to find the nose of the Transit encased in ice and wet crusty snow packed in around the cowl and wipers.

What a nightmare to clean out! I can totally see something getting damaged, broken, or the paint work on the hood getting scratched in the future. Furthermore, I nearly pulled the windshield gasket out in more than one spot, while trying to gently get the ice away.

I also noticed that while I removed enough of the snow and ice to drive safely and operate the wipers, there was still a fair amount in the cowl area, and that mass of snow seemed to limit the amount of air able to enter the cabin through the HVAC system. I don't know where the intakes are, but it makes sense that they are those vents on the hood, which were jammed solid with snow and ice.

I honestly don't remember how I cleaned the cowl on the old Sprinter, but it wasn't this awkward.

Rant over.
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