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Horrible Wimpy Switch Design.

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I've seen cheap inexpensive car parts many times in my life, but this one takes the cake for being a piece of garbage! Today I was wiping down the paint around the trim where the sliding door closes, when with very slight force hit the "Side Loading Door Ajar Switch" with a microfiber cloth. Sproing! I see a piece of plastic pop away and hit the ground. WTF! I pick up the small piece and see that the little piece of plastic holding the body of the switch detent and a spring is hollow and less than 1/4" diameter.
Any side load on this part and it is toast!
I ordered a replacement, for $21, but it will probably take 2 hours to remove inner trim panels to gain access to and replace this little piece of garbage!
I super glued the small end piece back on, and there is a slot in the bottom of small piece that is impossible to push back in to the base with the spring in place.

Anyone else break this piece of crap?

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5 Jaguars - various models and years.
Magnetic Transit 350HD XLT

Seems as though you should be used to bad engineering of electrical systems and parts. ;)
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LOL... Except, Ford owned and controlled 4 of the 5 Jaguars I have left, and they all have proven to be very very reliable and exceptionally well built compared to our Tin-can Transits. Wiring and harnesses on my Jaguars, are 100% Ford
The Jags, Ford or otherwise, were substantially more expensive per cubic foot and aimed at buyers that were willing to pay for quality more than fleet and commercial buyers.
$21.00 is nuts. Highway robbery. Dorman making one yet?
I see that in 2019, the switch could be purchased for under $10.00. In 3+ years, the price has doubled. I am sure there is no greedflation involved.
Did you hear about the time they shut down the country in a knee jerk reaction to a new strain of an old virus? And paid people more to stay home than they would make working?
$14. and change from Rock Auto. Not doubled.
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