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Horrible Wimpy Switch Design.

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I've seen cheap inexpensive car parts many times in my life, but this one takes the cake for being a piece of garbage! Today I was wiping down the paint around the trim where the sliding door closes, when with very slight force hit the "Side Loading Door Ajar Switch" with a microfiber cloth. Sproing! I see a piece of plastic pop away and hit the ground. WTF! I pick up the small piece and see that the little piece of plastic holding the body of the switch detent and a spring is hollow and less than 1/4" diameter.
Any side load on this part and it is toast!
I ordered a replacement, for $21, but it will probably take 2 hours to remove inner trim panels to gain access to and replace this little piece of garbage!
I super glued the small end piece back on, and there is a slot in the bottom of small piece that is impossible to push back in to the base with the spring in place.

Anyone else break this piece of crap?

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In 2016 I planned for replacing it when I started building my camper, I had read stories about people having the rip out their whole kitchen to replace it.
I am not finding that kitchen/door switch thread but that door switch was a popular subject in the early days, Many people just unplugged it so their cargo lights would stay off.

Yep, Those switches used to be made out of steel and they lasted 50 years. The ones in my 1974 Chevy still work.
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