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HighRoof,LW, EB Noises

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HighRoof,LW, EL Noises

I've been driving the different size vans to try to narrow down a size I will by.

Drove a 350 HR,LW,EL cargo empty, no wall panelling, rubber floor today. There was lots of vibrating noise and almost like the sucking effect, you get from one rear window open in a sedan above 30-35mph. It was much better with windows down. Freeway speeds 70mph the van felt vague and prone to wind movement on a non windy day, and not being passed by trucks or other cars.

Driving a 250 HR,LW Regular length I did not experience any of the vibrations and "suction effect" of the EL. I did not have a chance to drive this one at freeway speeds.

Did anyone else have this experience with the EL?
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I have not been able to find one to test drive but wanted a high roof long wheel base .
Did you happen to drive this model . Don't want to order until I can get an answer or test drive it .
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