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Hi-Res Digital Camera

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I am getting ready to order a Transit Cargo Van (Hi Roof, EL). My understanding is that the base model van comes with a back-up camera, which provides a B&W display on the small radio screen.
What does the Hi-Resolution Digital Camera do? It's an option that requires upgrading the basic radio to SYNC 4, 12" screen, and costs $930. Would it provide a virtual rear view on the 12" screen as one is driving? IF anyone has it and can describe what the Hi-res camera does, I'd appreciate it.
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I may opt for an after-market digital mirror (dash cam). Now they can display both and front and rear views constantly AND record, even when the vehicle is parked. Depending on resolution (1080P vs 4k), they range in price from $100 to $250.
Please share your thoughts when you get this -- I've been thinking about this and looking into it as well. Am hoping to get a real 360 degree camera set up for full time view when driving and parked.
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