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Hi from SC! Searching for Transit

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Hi All!
Been trying to find a Transit Van- did a van conversion way back in 83 on a Chevy diesel- swore I'd never do it again- but here I am.
Finding it is difficult to pin down what I'm looking for- seems what shows on dealer websites and what they actually have are different things.
Have not been able to find one with limited slip-

So I finally broke down and visited the commercial sales guy at a local Ford dealer- very disappointing - I know more about these vans then he did.
It became pretty obvious if I didn't want one of the 3 on the lot he wasn't really interested in quoting an ordered one. He did say it would be October before an ordered one would arrive- and I don't believe that for a second!

He did provide me with a printout of the 2016 specs and standard/options.
I had read a 3.55 axle might be coming but not according to the stuff he gave me.

Did I misunderstand that the 2016's rear doors will not open all the way back like the 2015? Instead of 270 deg it says 237 deg. Seems odd???

He also told me I could not order the ambulance package only a ambulance company can??? That package seems to be the only way to get a 3.73 LS axle in a long high roof van..
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Read that next week (Aug 11th?) Ford is supposed to update its Transit website so you can build your own 2016 online. Have been after my local Ford commercial truck salesman for 2016 info, but haven't seen the new specs. Planned on checking out revised website & calling him again.

Also found searching online frustrating. Only way to check specs is to find window sticker & then you need to confirm whether it's sold, a customer order, or to be shipped. A good salesman can help search, as dealerships will usually be willing to transport vehicles in from other dealers. It's difficult to navigate Ford's check inventory function & detour to each dealer website for details yourself.

Of the civilian car search websites I've found cargurus to be the easiest to use.
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