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This is my 2016 Transit 150 3.7l LR 130wb. Bought it August of 2016 used from Nalley Ford in Sandy Springs. It had a window sticker of 38k and got it for 22k. Had 5200 miles on her. This site has been such a great source of information. It has really helped me to really make my van unique. I took out the seats and left the two behind the driver in place. Those six seats gone left me with plenty of room for storage of gear and room for camping equipment. Got a set of the heavy rubber Husky front mats. Usually I am a weathertech guy but I had carpet interior and the Husky mats said they would work with the carpet and they did. Mounted my Garmin dash cam in front of the rear view mirror and my interior is good for now. Later I am going to install rear bumper mounted plugs for shore power and cable tv connections. Got the parts, just need the time.

On the outside I installed the Black Horse front bumper guard and Owens Products full length running boards. The bumper guard was an afternoon job and went pretty smooth. Its not like I go off road with it but it need something to butch up the front and it also protects the van from poor parallel parking. The running boards were a different matter. Wow what a chore to get those on there and looking good. It was in no means a fault of Owens. They were great people to work with. The Transits came off the line with all kinds of mid run changes. Rear ac lines here on this months production and changed on the next. Same with locations of exhaust hangers. Described my problems with Owens and they got me a few parts to me very quickly. Again, good people.

I have a light weight garden/motorcycle trailer and needed a hitch system. Put the Curt hitch and light system on the rear. Not thrilled about the self tapping bolts they use but it seems secure. As a added measure also welded the hitch in place. Light system went in pretty easy and added fancy two in one socket mounted on bumper. 4pin and 7pin round connections. Do not have brakes but a light trailer with round connectors are out there. Added 16 lb cast iron rear step. Helps with those people that use the braille method of parking on my rear end.

Vent shade products stick to the van and do not fall off. Door key pads all around is also a fantastic thing.

Under the hood I removed the foam blocks between the inner and outer wings. One was full of water and after 3000 miles of driving including six hour drive each way to Florida, sound was no problem. Looked like a way for rust to start too easily.

My air cleaner was the new one with improved top. No wet filters. Ordered fram filter for the cabin air from place in Great Brittan. Does keep dash cleaner but I never had a problem with allergies. Ford put it there and I am so ocd I had to put the element in it.

At about 6800 miles had the van loose all power thing about 1/2 mile from home. Reading about it here I was ready for it. Cut it off for a minute restarted and drove home. I live three miles from another local Ford dealer. Drove it there the next morning and was going again with a new throttle body in an hour. They did a great job. Got it on video with that dash cam.

Got a Fusion flip key and had it cut to start my non pats van. It is more comfy in the pocket but will not program to open the doors. Not that big of a deal.

Have about 8000 miles on it now and the spouse and I are really enjoying it. Thanks to all the people that have given the info they have shared on this forum. It really comes in handy to us lurkers.


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