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130 MR Crew AWD
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We recently took delivery of our Avalanche Grey 130" AWD Medium Roof Crew Van - ordered the van in April and it arrived last week.

Originally we were going to order a LR 130 Cargo and put a pop-top on it, but budgets got the better of us. This van is replacing our Transit Connect LWB Ecoboost that we built out into a camper, which we loved; it drove fanatically and got great mileage, but it was a bit small for two people for more that a couple nights in a row and its low ground clearance caused us to turn around a few times which wasn't an issue with our FJ Cruiser we had before it. We are hoping our new van is a nice mix of the two, but with much more space.

Current plans are:
  • Lift - probably Van Compass but would really like adjustable coilovers on the front (anyone have a lead?)
  • Tires - slightly larger snowflake rated AT tires
  • Protection - Van Compass skid plates
  • Build out - Bed, storage, and small kitchenette
  • Second row seat - Swap out the 62" for either a 31" or 36" seat, giving us the option to safely carry 4 people in the van without having to remove our build out.
A big thank you to all of the people who post on the forum, it has been an invaluable resource as we start our journey in building out our new van.

Quick photo of our new van, hopefully will have better pictures in the future.
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