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Hello from North Carolina

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Hi folks, been lurking and have learned much from these forums! New Transit owner. Planning minimal camper upgrades to this work van. We haul motorcycles o various events. Will be cutting the first hole for Fan-Tastic fan vent soon, yikes! :)
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Not sure if I can claim full "guru" status but we are working to build the new Cogent get-around vehicle. Sold our 22 year old F-350 powerstroke dually and 7.5 X 14 trailer to save a little on fuel, maintenance and stress by driving the transit. So far, I am loving it!

I am hoping to trade a couple track weekends for some other rally's and dual sport events. Right now we are so swamped at the shop that there is little time to escape to the fun of riding or even working on this thing.:)

Thank you for the welcome!
Awesome! I hope to meet you in person. Maple Sally and that whole Mortemer area is very beautiful imo.

I am expecting our fantastic fan tomorrow. I purchased Hein's kit to allow for a flat interface. I had AC on our trailer but don't want to do the roof ac unit on the van for a few reasons. On the mr 147" van, the two rear most frame hoops are about 13.9 inches apart and would be my choice for an a/c location. The ford up-fitter info suggests reinforcing structure if you get far from those structural elements.
The roof looks stronger just behind the cab portion on mine. I can't see an easy way to add sufficient structure in the wide spans. I thought that 1" square 4130 tubes spanning longitudinally with welded flanges to screw to the existing ribs would potentially work. I did a similar thing to our trailer with two cross width elements welded to the longitudinal spans, defining the 14x14 opening. In the trailer, the ribs were higher profile and closer so I went with 1018 square tubing.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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