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Hello from Cali!

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Hey guys, just thought I'd say hi. I've always been a Ford guy and have had a lot of different Econolines with every engine.

My latest purchase was a 2015 Ford Transit HD with the 3.2 Powerstroke!

I originally bought it for work but I'm now thinking of making half work and half play?

I hope to stick around!
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How will you use it for play? Are you going to do some mods?
At the moment, I'm thinking of doing a Brian Lopes Sportsmobile build? This way I have a garage in the back of the van and I'd have living quarters up front.

I did this similar build with a E 250 I have but didn't like the interior height.
That sounds really cool. You'll have to post up some pictures to show us what you end up doing in the end. Sounds like a fun way to travel.
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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