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I bought my 2016 350 Transit Wagon on July 15th. It is a long wheel base, XLT trim, 12 passenger
with the 3.7 standard engine auto trans, and 3.73 limited slip Read diff. Lunar Sky color, and only tinted glass.
I added a step on the side as it is a bit hard to get into if you are short. I also only got the SYNC 1
with the small display on the dash. Big mistake as the SYNC 3 would have given me a large display
for the rear backup camera. After 200 KMs, or 185 Miles or so I noticed there is a sound, someone calls
it a Thrum or a low pitched throb. Very noticeable at 75Kms or just under 50MPH. I also hear it
from 65 to 85 KMs (40 to 65) MPH. Since in my city there is a lot of street where we can go at 80 KMH
I get to hear this sound everyday that I drive the van. The Ford dealer is still trying to find the problem
and so far have checked and replaced parts such as steady bearings, universal joints, and they tried to
balance the drive shaft, then replaced it with a new one. The gears in the Rear Diff have also been changed.
The tires have been rotated and checked for balance, as well and still the noise exists.
My advice to anyone who want to get one of these Vans, is. 1. get a light color like Silver, or White,
or Tan if it comes back in 2017. 2. Get privacy glass, as the tinted glass lets in lots of heat. 3. Get the
3.5L eco boost engine if you want more pep, as the standard 3.7 is okay, but a bit slow during city
traffic, stop and starts. I got the heavy duty trailering system and it pulls a light trailer with out
any problems. I find the interior of this vehicle to be quite cheap, as the seats are not designed very
well. With the XLT trip I got the cloth seats, which are nicer than the vinyl for hot summer days.
I thought that the glove box would have a lock, like most other Ford products have, like the last
three pickups that I have owned. Even my old Econoline vans had locks on their glove compartments.
The Van handles well in even strong cross winds of up to 70 MPH or 95KMH as I have had to drive through
a strong storm which was making the big rigs pull over to keep from tipping. I have 4000 Kms on the van
so far, and aside from the noise it is a good machine.
If anyone else has the Thrum or Throb sound, do not let your dealer off the hook, and get it
solved as it should not be a noise that you ( Have to live with), as one of the salesmen tried to tell
me, Thankfully the Manager said that they will do everything they can to fix the van and get the noise
to stop.
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