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Heavy haulers!!!!!!!

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This should be fun:), Whats the heaviest load you ever put in the back, list the size 150,250 350

I'll start I have a 250, but I installed a 200# diamond plate floor. Anyway about 5 months ago I once picked up 5 1/2 skids, weighting a total of 4,900 Lbs:eek:. The suspension squatted evenly down, about 3". I only drove it for about 10 Miles. I can definetly feel it in the brakes. I realize I was way over my 3,800 Lbs weight limited . I would not hesitate to take 4,000 Lbs cross country

Lat week I had a Timbren Kit Installed, it replaces the origina rearl rubber strut that cushins the ride . The new one are about 3" longer and way more thicker. Wow what a difference:), picked up a single skid Friday weighing 1,800 Lbs. I would normally push it over the rear axle, but I left it on the back. The van only dropped about 2" and ride the ride was far more stable doing 65 MPH. This is a must for heavy haulers and guys who are pulling heavy trailers
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Am I glad I finally discovered this thread. It makes me more confident of my plans to drive my Yanmar mini excavator up into the cargo bay. I have been pulling that thing around in a 1700# rated Wells Cargo 6 x 12 and it doesn't feel or look quite right. I am thinking the 1 1/2 ton 9' Big Boy II ramp from discount will suffice, and with an extra 10' X 4' roll of Rubbercal diamond plate laid down first as extra protection for the floor. It has a wet weight of 2350lb. and rubber tracked. If I keep the boom nice and low during the load/unload process should not be a problem keeping traction and balance. BTW the ROPS un-pin and fold back and down.
Sweet. I added one to my Christmas list, and post pics when you get it loaded - that will be nicer than trailering it.
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