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Heavy haulers!!!!!!!

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This should be fun:), Whats the heaviest load you ever put in the back, list the size 150,250 350

I'll start I have a 250, but I installed a 200# diamond plate floor. Anyway about 5 months ago I once picked up 5 1/2 skids, weighting a total of 4,900 Lbs:eek:. The suspension squatted evenly down, about 3". I only drove it for about 10 Miles. I can definetly feel it in the brakes. I realize I was way over my 3,800 Lbs weight limited . I would not hesitate to take 4,000 Lbs cross country

Lat week I had a Timbren Kit Installed, it replaces the origina rearl rubber strut that cushins the ride . The new one are about 3" longer and way more thicker. Wow what a difference:), picked up a single skid Friday weighing 1,800 Lbs. I would normally push it over the rear axle, but I left it on the back. The van only dropped about 2" and ride the ride was far more stable doing 65 MPH. This is a must for heavy haulers and guys who are pulling heavy trailers
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i haven't really hauled anything to heavy yet but by the time i'm fully loaded i might be right at gvw. Thanks for the info on the timbren, sounds like something i could use. Do you have a part number and where did you order it? I did a quick search and only came up with transit connect stuff. Thanks!

Where did you get your diamond plate floor? Any installation issues or does dead weight hold it in place? My van came with the vinyl floor but imagine wear and tear will tke its toll. Thanks for your input.

I had mine custom cut from a 5'-10' 1/8th " thick piece. I put it over the OEM floor thus preventing any vibration. I used 1" self tapping Philips head screws. I put in about 15 Screwa about 2"'s from the edge thus not accidiently hitting any thing underneath. After Instalation I put couple coats of paint on it. Should last about 50 years;)
anyone else wanna join the "TWO TON CLUB" free membership is free, for now;)
bump, anyone else had a few tons in the back:)
I just took two skids weighting 4,000#:eek:, for a distance of 100 miles. slight elavation, but to my amazement the tranny never downshiffted:)
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