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Heated mirror switch: Where is it??

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My van has the short arm, power heated mirrors, with signals. The mirrors themselves have the heat/defrost icon on them. However, I can't find the switch to turn them on. I also have the rear defrost, because my van has rear privacy glass. The rear defrost switch/button is behind the steering wheel on the right side of the gauge cluster, and the space above it is a blank. Did they forget the switch? Or do the mirrors defrost with the rear windows? The mirror heat icons do not illuminate when the rear defrost button is depressed, I don't know if they're supposed to.

A little help from heated mirror dudes and dudettes?
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The owners manual shows a switch for the mirrors, and explains that alternatively the heated mirrors will work when you turn on the rear window defroster. Cllear as mud right?

Is that how you interpret it? I understand that the heated mirror switch should have a corresponding icon to the mirrors themselves. Does your van have them? And are they supposed to light up the icon on the mirror when activated, because mine don't. Maybe I should run it and use my temp gun to monitor the surface temp of the mirror.

Great, I've lost my mind.
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