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Hello All, I just recently purchased a 2013 Ford Transit Connect. I love it, but the low beams and dash backlight wont turn on and the high beams wont stay on unless I hold the lever back. I ran through all of the fuses with a test light and the vehicle running. I found six fuses that were bad, but arter changing them they still aren’t triggering my test light. So I am assuming that there are no power to these six fuses. They are numbers 23, 25, and 35 at the exterior box; the right low beam headlamp, left low beam headlamp, and start lock relay. Inside, numbers 156, 157, and 175; the right parking lamp/tail lamps, license plate lamps, and left park lamps/tail lamps. None of them have power, but I am not sure why. I’m thinking the switch could be bad, but wouldn’t the power go to the fuses before it went to the switch? Or could it be a relay? Im not to sure about the circuit path, does anyone have any thoughts about what might be causing the problems?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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