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Have VIN, when will it show up?!

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I've had the VIN for awhile now. Van was supposed to go in to production yesterday. Window sticker and Etis are sill not showing anything. How long after it goes to production should I see more info on it?
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Fka37028 is the last of my VIN
Fka37028 is the last of my VIN
Are you following the steps laid out by CrewVanMan to get your window sticker?

"Go out to the internet and key in this information:
put 17 digit VIN

. . . "


This thread may also be helpful to get the window sticker:

After you get your window sticker, this new thread may be helpful to figure out the build date and so forth. Please get your window sticker first, as it may have information/dates which are newer than you have now. [The following thread is not intended to track a build based ONLY on your VIN.]

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Sent you a private message...need your complete VIN
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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