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Received by VIN: 1FBZX2XGXGKB21574 for the Transit ordered three weeks ago here in Florida. It is a LWB 350 XLT Wagon 350, 12 seats (which are for sale), EcoBoost, 3.5 limited slip, dual batt., inverter, etc. - along with all the goodies except remote start.

I will wade through all the posts about VIN look-up on ETIS.

Wondering now if I should have it picked up and serviced by Matt Ford to save the time and potential damage from rail shipment, not to mention the time required.

Anyone know about changing ordering dealer/pick-up, etc. at this stage.

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I was also wondering if one can save on "delivery" costs by picking it up from a nearby dealer such as Matt Ford? For example, I am in Washington State.
If I run the whole purchase process through Matt Ford do I save any on destination charges?
Thanks for the info, it's kind of what I expected regarding the destination charges.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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