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Got fan installed yesterday,where to wire it?

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Fantastic Fan installed yesterday, pulled rear cargo light to test, but where to go
For tapping in.
I'm building quick bed for wifes surgery wed. Pulled bottom half of blackboard on slider side, in back passenger corner found camera or towing boxes and
Three grounds? Is there somewhere to tap in non-ignition. Back there.
Little pigtail to camera, or towing box.
Will try to post pics, but I'm melted.
Thanks, Joe
Remember this is temporary, surgery was moved up, so just easy and safe.
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Ground at those rear terminals, power can come off the side of the drivers seat. power it anywhere else and you risk pissing off the CAN bus. That terminal is power all the time. You need a 5mm nut, 0.8 thread pitch to secure to the terminal. Or plug it into a power outlet on the dash. Limited draw there. What's the fan pull for current?
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It's an FF, i hear all kinds of stats but mostly low amps, i tested it off a rear cargo light before we started cutting. Works fine. Good deal, lots of free parts because they kept screwing up and sending me upgrade kits , an extra dome etc. they finally sent me a complete unit top of the line, ate the tax. The fan itself was shattered from over tightening the screw!
Finally got a fine unit. Good installer, great price, but messy with the goop. i came home, pulled the smoke dome and painted the sides of a flat-top clear from [email protected]. Or Good people but he was waiting on his summer order so no fans in stock. But does everything, low profile, flat-, install tips etc. if he had it in stock I would have got it from him.
Anyway, thanks for the tip on the terminal, I have one, supposed to have three, I have read of an upfitters kit to activate all three
But the number sombody posted kept bringing up a tranny drain, which is a good idea too.!
If you know the kit number to get all three terminals that would be great! I have a two battery system and a 230 amp alt.
But no upfitter switches and one seat terminal. I'z go planz, for many switches but to get to surgery using the 5 mil nut, and running a 12 volt plug down the side with a doubler on it, cutting one female off, or putting a male on the FF, good use of time, since we leave Wed. For first surgery 6 hours away. You....Genius , me....thinking / dreaming to hard, thanks again, just stressed out.
I know it don't say modified wiring system on my window sticker but the fact that dealers installed, trailer brakes and the inverter and all three fuse boxes, rear camera, back- up sensors etc.
Shouldn't I be able to buy the relays and fuses, to upfit the switches and terminals, man I wish that kit number matched the other day.
Anyway thanks for the help, I'm throwing an ambulance together on short notice. There has to be a raised bed for a spinal patient.
As well as that there is a ton of cubic space, but floor space nuh uh! Gotta get some elevation in that High Roof! Stuff has to go under! And over.
So I'm going old school rails with 3/4 in plywood and a scab joint with glue, when we get my supersonicsoulmate fixed, I can play more. It's a stealth unit and i'm dying to put in the internal bed levelling system, then patent it and pay for the wonder beast known
As " the Mullet" business up front, party in the back!"
Sincerely, Joe Mannix
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CAN Buss

Sorry Alarmist, forgot to ask you about CAN buss.
???? Details when you have time, much appreciated.
No hurries, no worries, I got like 30 hours with a broke knee
To get this done.
SeeYa, Joe
Can I find a 5 mm nut with a .08 pitch in HellPaso?

Same as above. Thankss
CAN is control area network or something like that. These aren't vans anymore, they're rolling computers. If it's looking for a specific current draw from a power consumer, say a light, and it gets a lot more, it can think something is wrong and go nuts. From what I'm reading, the Transit is fairly forgiving. That said, if you want a safe, reliable vehicle, avoid cutting the wiring harness anywhere and use the supplied ground and power connections. Home depot or any decent hardware store should have that nut.
Alarmist, hey, thanks for the info on CAN.
Yesterday, I was in some RV park in NM, stopped at AutoZone, and then HD bought the exact nut that you specified and picked up some wire before we parked.
This was our shakedown. So I had tools with us..We had traveled to meet a new surgeon, who was useless by the way.
So yesterday, I wired up to the single terminal..( I still need the part number for the three terminal kit)which has been posted.
Fished me some wires to one of those ground pics I sent you, FF..runs like a champ! Thanks for your help as I was ready to tap into a cargo light. Don't want no CAN cartel messing with our van
(the Mullet).
Still looking for the 4 switch up-fitters kit, someone posted a number and I keep get a Transmission drain plug kit. Which my mechanic says order it quick!
Sincerely, Joe Mannix
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We had traveled to meet a new surgeon, who was useless by the way.
Probably he/she is not spending enough time on the surgery forums!
Found it thanks friend.
Now just need the kit numbers for the other terminals, and up fitter switches.
Thanks again Joe.
Longboarder, Surgery forums were bogus, this would have been surgery 3, to keep her out of wheelchair or alive, this doctor had no malpractice, these people had the whole scam, Medicare approved, great imaging place, and of course a guy that implants electronic gizmos that are quackery.
All traced back
To the implant guy next door who is the owner of all of. My wife of thirty years is suffering, we were robbed of enough money to go find a strain or two in CO.
This Dr. Dean Smith of El Paso , is a lazer guy, whom chooses the easy patient he isn't even planning omnworking on then lies about. Why he can't do it. He is a reptile.? I so wish that we could have gone through CO. And found her a strain, my lovely funny as **** wife, had had a a fusion and laminectomony that did not happen because, the titanium screws broke, then this piece of crap doctor made claims that he could not do any of the things we emailed about, even though it's on his website, He's! Like dentist who only does caviities who can't do Root Canals. Just the easy, stuff then he recommendeds a quack gadget,
That cost thousands!
He then said that Pedical Screws for Fusions were meant to break off in her vertsbra As we we sat there stunned, that he'd lied of boldly, he said Let me give the girls the info in gizmo referall, walks out....5 minutes later, I go ask when the doctor will give us the imaging and say goodbye. He's not here, gone for the day, there was my wifes personal medical imaging on a big HP laptop. And he snuck out the back! 6pm a check of his FB site, showed pics of him drinking in the pool in La Jolla,Ca. At some bullshit conference. My wifes back has been broken for 10 years, it is still not fixed because of egos and cabals. She is in terrible pain, has a couple hours a day, to do things...
She wants to do like clean the fridge. Then she has to lay down. She is not on high-end pain killers, controlled substances at all she withdrew herself after 9 years, and she lost 4-6 hours out of her life, and eats Advil, and drinks Vodka every nite. She can still kick 50% of Y'all's asses. Even in her diminished condition, then she would have to lay Dow for awhile. :)
The DEA are actively removing Opiate based painkillers from every state , because they are a gang of thugs Hired by Nixon, and want their Heroin on the street, there are the biggest importers.
Not prescription medicines, so when a loved one breaks something, stay up all nite while they cry and the FDA and DEA, make more rules not give you ore your family relief.

I hope for you and your family sake that something like this doesn't happen, but if it does, feel free to email me and learn some information to make the right choices for your your's health, about protecting yourself in this kind of situation, 1 accident and 2 botched surgeries which the first one was an emergency but not needed. Then it took Three frigging years of searching and research to find this doctor who said he did then didn't make here a patient! 10 hour round trip wife in Transit, rejection, then bed for two days to recover to come home. We just want to enjoy our vehicle. But medical priorities/charlatans are making us wait, but in comfort.
Love the Transit though.

Sorry to interrupt your thread but paralysis and possible Death of a 50 year old woman is not to be taken lighly, especially, when I was just
Asking my " friends" from this forum for help..people I follow out of respect, because of your insentive comment my respect for you is diminished, and that's sad.
Have fun, and watch yer step, Joe.
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Hours of research, years in fact.
Wrote you a post below.
Take care, Joe
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