Stock Continental tires, 235/65-16.
Used with 75%+ tread left*

I got these a year or two ago from some guy in Sacto. I just pulled them out to see about replacing my very worn Contis. I found two of them have punctures about the size of large nail, and a corresponding cut on the edge of the tire; it looks like they ran over something with prongs or pokey things spaced about 4" apart. I didn't notice this when I picked them up. A third one has a chunk missing on the sidewall, about the size of a nickel and maybe 1/8" deep. I have similar ones on my tires from driving through rocks. The fourth has no visible problems.

Anyway, these are probably 4-5 years old, have some road damage that will need to be patched, but a lot of tread left. I have another set of Hankook tires on rims that I'm going to use instead of these. After looking at them I was just going to take them to the dump to get them out of the way, but they are very usable once patched and if someone can use them that would be much better than going to the dump.

Send me a PM if you want to pick them up.