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Going to create DIY RV with Sportsmobile pop-top

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I bought a 2016 Transit T-150 with low roof, medium length. Sportsmobile will install a pop-top in January. I will be doing the rest of the conversion. I chose the pop-top because I like the fresh air and want to keep the van in my garage. I've owned Turtle Top Pop-Top vans in the past. Actually I took the Turtle Top off my 1978 Ford Econoline and transferred it to my 1992 Econoline van, using the same top for a total of 28 years. My only regret is I didn't transfer it again to yet another van since they cost about $7000 installed.

I'm retired and will take my time to do a safe and nice looking conversion. Hope to use this site for guidance in the process.
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Hi Mike! I have the same plan. I have a 2015 T350. I bought my particular van because I got a really good deal on a pop top compatible low roof, medium length van that had been sitting on the Ford dealer's lot for about a year. I also liked that it was silver and had the EcoBoost engine. I have an appointment with Sportsmobile for the popup top in October. I might have had Sportsmobile do the full conversion, but they couldn't take appointments for that until Spring 2017. So, I figured I'd see how far along I could get with the conversion work on my own. I started with mockups made with Coroplast. I'm far enough along now that the end is in sight.
I would appreciate a good write-up and some pictures when the top is installed.....may go down the same road myself in the future.
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