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I really like the Go Rhino running boards. Go Rhino RB20
I would like to have both sides of our transit with a longer running board.
The questions is, are the mounting studs on my 2020 Transit 250 set up the same as one an F-250 so that the mounting would be identical? I would hate to purchase these if they would not fit. Go Rhino would not give me a definitive answer, only that they are made for a truck.

If not a good fit, what other running boards are out there for a transit that are more robust than the ones I am seeing on Amazon?


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There are several good threads in here about running boards, you can use the Search Community box above to find some. I've yet to read of any aftermarket boards that utilize the factory studs and since the frame of a Super Duty is so different, it is doubtful that they would mate up.

Many of us have been happy with the boards and service offered by Running Board Warehouse, check them out too.
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