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I have been considering using Coroplast plastic sheet
for some interior construction parts in van -

Coroplast main advantages are-

Light weight -
Several thicknesses and Strengths available -
Easy to cut and form -
Easy to clean -
Flexible -
Very low water absorption-wont rot -
Many Colors-
Fairly Cheap -
Local availability -


Gluing (bonding ) many plastics can be very hard to to do-

Bond is weak because of Low Surface Energy of the plastic-( LSE )

Plastics like Coroplast have LSE and are hard to bond to
itself or other LSE materials -

Apparently spraying Coroplast or other LOW Energy Surfaces
plastics with a thin coat of
Krylon Fusion® Spray Paint for Plastics
will Increase the Surface Energy and will enable adhesives
like 3M VHB/HB tape to be used
and provide much stronger bond -

Treating LSE plastics with Krylon Fusion before bonding
Supposedly can provide a Lap Joint in Coroplast that are
very strong and Lasting when using VHB/HB tape -


I also read the info below Online and have not tested so
I really have no clue if it works ----

Another technique to Increase LSE on Coroplast is to slightly heat
the surface area of the Coroplast with a propane torch -
(Dont melt plastic just brush flame over plastic )

This increases LSE to Higher Surface Energy state and
adhesives like CA adhesives (Super Glue) can be
used to bond Coroplast -
(Very Thin coating of CA REQUIRED )

When done properly Increasing Surface Energy treatment
a drop of water will spread out and not bead up as is
normal on untreated Coroplast -


Coroplast is used in outdoor signs like For Sale signs etc -

To get the screen print paint to stick to the Coroplast
the plastic is treated by a Coronal Discharge -
this process Increases the Surface
Energy and allows paint screen printed to stick -

(Coroplast not treated with Coronal Discharge screen
print paint easily peels off --water beads up )

I think Coronal Discharge is similar to the process
used in copier machine but not sure -

have Not tried Either of the the above treatments so I
really dont know if it will work well OR at all -
just figured would pass info it on

To find out more info Wiki Low Surface Energy -
3M site also explains Low Surface Energy well -

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You can purchase polycarbonate sheets (Macrolux is one brand name) that can be glued. 8 mm but limited colors. White, clear or bronze.

Recent price from Tap Plastics for 8mm sheets was clear 4' x 8' for $77.95 and white for $84.95

They also have 10',12' and 16' lengths.

I did test gluing a piece of plywood to the polycarbonate with polyurethane construction adhesive. Worked fine.

Polycarbonate would be a tougher surface to damage.

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Interesting about "priming" with Krylon Fusion.
I've tried that Fusion several times and have never been happy with it..they say it bonds to plastic- I say well, sort of- just not very well- at least on the different plastics I've tried it on.

I'm intrigued by the EnviroGuard HDP someone pointed out- catch is turning up a supplier near enough to pick it up and that doesn't require me to buy a whole truckload.

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Rust-oleum Painters choice 2X spray paint worked great to paint my existing panels. Adheres very well to Plastic. I just wiped the sheets down with alcohol :)
Thanks, I now plan to do this on my panels.:)

I like the black button look, will do that too.

What kind of alcohol?

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You are correct jonsobi. As you know the panels are vey thin and they rest against a slightly recessed cavity witch some what hides the edges. I sprayed extra passes along the edge to give it more coverage. I used approximately 4 to 5 coats and let each coat dry for 3 to 5 minutes. Each panel uses 1.25 cans of paint. I know thats a lot of paint but the net result is a very durable finish!

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Good tips johnny, esp about the 1.25 cans per panel. Will take more than I thought!

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I'm intrigued by the EnviroGuard HDP someone pointed out- catch is turning up a supplier near enough to pick it up and that doesn't require me to buy a whole truckload.
The datasheet indicates that it is just about as heavy as regular FRP so there may be no advantage. And the issue may be moot as the product seems to not be readily available.

Here's some weights for 4x8 sheets of various materials:

Coroplast 9mm. 10.5 lb
Macrolux 9mm. 11.2 lb
EnviroGuard 9mm. 16.0 lb
FRP 3 mm. 19.7 lb
Celtec 6 mm. 30.0 lb

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I will buy white Macrolux for the ceiling. No painting.

Was also going to use it on the walls but will use 1/8" plywood with a gasket made out of 1/8" closed cell foam. A small amount of insulation value but it should prevent squeaks. Will also use 1/4-20 plastic screws so no condensation on the screw heads.
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