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Giubo Cracking Hidden Topic

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Hidden in 'Highest Mileage Transits' thread is an interesting topic about cracked flexible connections on Transit drive shaft called a Giubo. These rubber joints are apparently showing cracks at low mileages often enough that replacements are out of stock. Some Transit owners report issues getting dealers to replace under warranty. This topic kind of hijacked the thread & IMO deserves its own thread.

One thing I didn't see reported was a case where the Giubo actually failed.
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Ford's standing behind there product in our opinion sucks.
Also the transmission supposedly does not require service until150k yet when we had it done had to pay full price because it's a 'basic maintenance item'. Again Ford sucks!
I'm easily confused and especially here. You only have 81,000 miles on your van but you had them service the transmission that isn't due until 150,000 miles? I don't understand why you did that so early. Then you are angry because you had to pay full price? I don't understand what your expectations there are.

Or maybe I am misunderstanding what happened or what "had 'it' done" refers to.
So what it sounds like is that they didn't want to cover a transmission problem under warranty, so they sold you transmission flush. The owners manual states to CHANGE (not FLUSH) the transmission fluid and filter at 150,000 miles.

Now that I understand what happened, I would say that your dealer sucks.
I wish I were smart enough to make a picture of a dealers service department doors and a crowd of people running, screaming from it. It would be a hit on all automotive forums.
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