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Giubo Cracking Hidden Topic

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Hidden in 'Highest Mileage Transits' thread is an interesting topic about cracked flexible connections on Transit drive shaft called a Giubo. These rubber joints are apparently showing cracks at low mileages often enough that replacements are out of stock. Some Transit owners report issues getting dealers to replace under warranty. This topic kind of hijacked the thread & IMO deserves its own thread.

One thing I didn't see reported was a case where the Giubo actually failed.
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Two points I was trying to address were; how the Guibo topic was Hidden & IF any Transit owners had a Guibo actually fail.

Regardless of the section a topic is posted in, if the title gives no clue such an interesting subtopic discussion will not be easy to find, hence me calling it Hidden.

Have heard about the failure of these rubber driveshaft joints in other/older vehicles, usually from oil leaks from tailshaft seals at high mileage. Actually saw a case where propshaft dropped off, stubbed the ground, folded up & punched the floor!

However was primarily concerned with Transit & seek to confirm if anyone has had a Giubo break? Would like to zero in on how bad the cracks are & how many miles they might go before self destructing.
If there's defective material and/or design I would think all Transit owners will eventually become equally concerned.

Whitedog reported his diesel already had cracked giubo.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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