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Getting to start kicking tires

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I'm getting ready to start kicking tires in the Roseville, CA area on Transits.

The goal is to use it as a junior Class B RV for photography road tripping and living

I think my must-have features include:

-dual batteries
-highest ceiling
-no ford sync
-no fancy exterior features


the rear doors that swing out all the way back, like AmPickers, but I think it only comes on the longest frame, but I'd prefer the medium length frame.

dual sliding doors

which side mirrors, not sure

which engine

upfit questions

I know nothing right now about converters, generators and such. I will need the ability to power a small fridge, microwave, cooktop with the ability to charge ebikes and computers

Figuring out if I should have a sat dish installed or not

won't have shower/commode

ideally, there would be some kind of roof rack with flat aluminum panel for me to stand on and set up a tripod

front winch, perhaps
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IDK on your style van but the 230 degree fold out rear doors are standard on the EL LWB HR 350...
The 2017s have some good changes! (I hear also for MPG) I decided against the dual sliding... though I relish sitting there in the forest with the cool breeze flowing through... I need the space! My tripod and camera take up nearly 4 cf... and can't sleep, study, nor eat on them hahaha

I'm going with the best I can afford really, in case I can't cruise around but for a few years...resale value you know? Experts say in 5 years they lose $16k in value... having the sync and tow packages for example, will help resale imo.

Exciting times for you ahead!
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