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Thought I would share the attached spreadsheets with the community in case anyone can get some usefulness out of them. The original spreadsheet I came across from a Civic Si forum. I edited the document initially for the Mazdaspeed platform (happens to have two different final drive ratios). I've now edited it slightly for the purposes of the Transit. In particular:

- I kept the two separate final drive ratios, but the second will just take whatever is entered in the first field
- I added Engine Torque and Wheel Torque information calculated for the speed selected in the "RPM Cruising Speed" section. Note -- The torque information was gleaned from the torque curves provided in the 2015 Transit BEMM. There is some human error in this as I had to eyeball the values. I think I got them close enough for the purposes of this spreadsheet. Further, the torque curves don't give values across the same ranges of RPMs for each engine. Note 2 -- These are the MAXIMUM torque values achievable at the given RPM (rounded to the nearest 100), not what is necessary to cruise at the entered speed.

Some additional notes:
- The revs per mile is off slightly when comparing the number calculated in the spreadsheet vice the specs given by Continental / Hankook for the OE tires. I found 235/60R16 ends up with a closer revs per mile than the actual 235/65R16. This is just the nature of math vs. reality.
- The spreadsheet should already be pre-filled with the Transit gear ratios as provided in the fleet documents though these fields are editable. Also, make sure to enter the final drive ratio appropriate for your Transit.

Feedback is welcome on the accuracy -- remember, this is all 'math' and there will be delta from this spreadsheet to the 'reality' of your Transit. It is perhaps most useful in comparing (say getting an idea on the deltas between final drive ratios, or tire sizes).

Feedback is also welcome on the general usefulness of this and maybe any tweaks that could be made.

Inside the ZIP file attached is a XLSX spreadsheet for Excel and an ODS spreadsheet for programs like OpenOffice / LibreOffice.

Any questions, please let me know.


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