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Fumes in cab????

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Hello, I have a 2015 Transit 250 with ecoboost. I only have 1800 miles on it but lately I have been noticing a strange smell in cab and it's giving me a head ache! I don't know it its just the new engine or if it is exhaust fumes. Any of you had this issue?

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I've had passengers complain. >:D
LOL... No I am serious. I just drove from Winter Park to Denver in a blizzard and had to keep passenger window down half way.
Blizzard? That explains it. Lactose intolerance. DQ stuff is murder. Seriously though, you might be sensitive to one of the volatiles outgassing in the interior, have a serious malfunction involving a fuel or exhaust leak, or perhaps you collected a plastic bag or similar with your exhaust. Has anyone else experienced this in your van? Do you have access to a canary?
No passengers so no other complaints. I did have a bin package installed (Bulkhead and shelves) and drilling into floor in several locations was done. I guess it's possible they could have hit a line or something. I'll get under van and check it out.
Battery powered carbon monoxide detectors are pretty inexpensive now- might pick one up to find out if it is exhaust.
I've set the one off in our travel trailer by running a generator nearby with the windows open- I'm really sensitive to fumes and it can be so weak I don't smell it but the detector does.

I just ordered a combo smoke/CO detector for my van- since I plan to sleep in it I want to be sure a bad heater or something overheating doesn't kill me-

Notice it is $31 if you order one EACH. If you order one PACK it is $26. I think the difference is the box it comes in....strange.
OK, I found one 1/2 inch hole that was drilled in floor for bin package that was not used. It was on driver side near the very back. I didn't think that sealing it with silicone would fix the fumes issue but it did!! The interior of van must act like a vacuume and was sucking in some of the exhaust. I wonder why FORD stopped the exhaust pipe way short of the rear of Van? Anyway I'm going to seal all the drill type nuts that were put in. At least the ones I can access from under the van.
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I did notice a smell at one point after moderate acceleration. It was not combustion fumes as i know them. Could it be a product of the extreme temperatures produced by the twin turbos?

I also noticed a lot of cool air draughts on my hands when I was working on my electrics behind the drivers seat. The air seemed to come from the punched holes in the lower B pillar frame.

I am thinking lots of air is finding its way in through van cavities,and bringing in whatever with it.

My thought to mitigate this would be to create a natural convection exit, as high as possible, so air passes outup high.

Or open a window.
I'm going to pick up a carbon monoxide detector today and install it. I'm going to try it in a few different places to make sure all is safe. If one half inch hole was letting in the fumes that was making me sick then I'm checking into this further.
That has concerned me as well- wasn't sure if all Transits were that way or just the extended length ones.
My Transit 250 is a short wheel base so I guess it's this way on all of them.
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