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Fumes in cab????

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Hello, I have a 2015 Transit 250 with ecoboost. I only have 1800 miles on it but lately I have been noticing a strange smell in cab and it's giving me a head ache! I don't know it its just the new engine or if it is exhaust fumes. Any of you had this issue?

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That has concerned me as well- wasn't sure if all Transits were that way or just the extended length ones.
My Sprinter was the same way, when I had the exhaust replaced the shop rerouted the pipe straight out the side, but honestly had no fumes in the cabin.

Glad you found your problem and it was an easy fix.

I like the idea of throwing a carbon monoxide detector to check the integrity of the exhaust. My sister complained of fumes in the back seat of my '66 300. I am just looking for an excuse to add dual exhaust. :)
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