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Fumes in cab????

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Hello, I have a 2015 Transit 250 with ecoboost. I only have 1800 miles on it but lately I have been noticing a strange smell in cab and it's giving me a head ache! I don't know it its just the new engine or if it is exhaust fumes. Any of you had this issue?

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Nope. Not sure many others will bother to reply, since it doesn't apply to them. I've been reading the forum diligently for 6 months, and have not seen anyone else asking about cab fumes.
re: kingkabong -- Same here. Thinking of venting rear door. I don't want to add a vent to the roof as it would end up snagging everything I'm sure. Mowers and blowers and atvs stink up and the fumes stick to the walls and seats especially from a two-stroke.
You two might think about venting out the bottom of the rear pillars. One of the members here made an air plenum above the doors, with fans, and ran flex duct down through the pillars, and out the approx. 3 1/3 x 5 inch holes under the van (they come with large, flat plugs). One issue to watch for if you use the right side, is proximity to the exhaust outlet. You also have to figure out a way to close everything off, when fan function is not needed.
I also noticed a lot of cool air draughts on my hands when I was working on my electrics behind the drivers seat. The air seemed to come from the punched holes in the lower B pillar frame.
In the cargo van, at least, there is a clear path for air coming in the bottom of the B pillar. There's an oval hole above the D-ring that opens in the gas filler pipe cavity. Orton first recognized this, and I followed his suggestion of open the oval to round, and will soon use it for my shore line coming into my electrical box. With a good cable gasket, it will become air-tight -- though there may be other, lesser openings around there.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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