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Frustrated in Canada

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Hello all. I've been hovering on the forum for some time, enjoying the discussions. Couldn't wait any longer to post my 2 cents (1.5 cents in US $).

Over the last several months, I've been doing my darnedest to get behind the wheel of a Transit. I've stopped in at numerous dealerships across BC and Alberta, and left my contact information with salespeople at three of them. My request is simple: please let me know when you get one on the lot.

Not too much for a guy to ask? Apparently. In two cases, I've gotten calls back from the dealerships saying we had, one but it's gone. They were purchased through the dealer network and spoken for before they landed on the lot. Sometimes they say, "perhaps you would rather have a Transit Connect?". Did I stutter? No.

The latest "gem" from a local dealership is that they will happily get a Transit to the lot for me to drive... but only if I buy it first!!! While I'm sure that the transit will maintain a good resale value, I'm not too keen to drop $50,000 out of my pockets to find out that I would have rather had the low roof over the medium, or the diesel over the EcoBoost. The sales manager stated that there will be little to no chance of seeing a Transit for the next 18-24 months unless I buy one up front.

Who is to blame? The dealerships? Ford Canada? Pardon me for my impatience. Perhaps they should have marketed this as a 2016 model so that I wouldn't get my hopes up. The Nissan NV, MB Sprinter, and Ram Promaster are starting to look more attractive despite their numerous disadvantages.

On a happier note, this is my likely configuration and usage:

Long wheelbase van
Medium roof
Windows on sliding door and rear doors
No SYNC (complete garbage IMO). Will get the hard buttons and use my cell phone for navigation
A self-made uber-simple conversion in this spirit:
Multi purpose: camping, mobile office, mobile workshop, cross-country touring, occasional towing of a cargo trailer

Frustrated, (and hoping for sympathy or solutions!)

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You can look at the local dealers inventory if you go to DealerConnection then you go down to the Canada dealers listing. You can use the 'find' dealer and go by the postal code and distance or the 'browse' feature and look by province
How far is Dams Ford/Lincoln from you? They show to have one 3.2L diesel, two 3.5L Ecoboost , and one 3.7L V-6.

Last 6 of VIN..A02271, 3.2L diesel
A07023, 3.5L Ecoboost
A07025, 3.5L Ecoboost
A07021, 3.7L V-6
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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