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Front Recovery Point? Stuck + Winched by a Jeep while Off Road/Rock Crawling

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It's been well discussed that there is no factory tow hook on a Transit, but has anyone ended up stuck with no tow hook and had to improvise? How have others handled this situation?

We found the van's limit and had trouble getting up a rocky hill. In a pinch I loosened the front lower bumper trim piece to wrap a tow strap around the frame end and feed it back through the plastic trim. Hooked up a shackle to the tow strap and took a winch pull from a Jeep. Planning on fabricating a front winch bumper after this experience.

Below is a video of us getting stuck and winched while doing some mild "rock crawling," which is also up for debate... ; ) We have a Jeep Rubicon too, and until recently I would have said this is not really rock crawling... but it sure felt like it was from behind the wheel of the van!

Check out the video, is this really "rock crawling?"

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That counts as rock crawling for a Transit! If you are anywhere near Portland OR, Quadvan does a nice front receiver with tow hooks. We just had them put one on when we did the 4WD conversion.
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