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Front hitch ideas

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With no tow hooks I certainly want to put something on the front of the van.

Anyone use these? I emailed them for a bit more info, like install instructions.

If it is solid enough I presume a hitch could be welded into it, then if need be a winch could be used.

I've often thought of things like these as damage multipliers. But it would be nice to have something on the front to hook on to.

I don't have my van to look at yet. It should arrive in a week. Its Ecoboost and I see in pictures the intercooler is on the front.
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Aluminess bumper with front hitch

I was going to wait until I got the van and installed the bumper before sharing pictures of it. Got the bumper last week and optioned for the front receiver hitch. The hitch is not shown but the hole is there where the receiver will stick out. Definitely a nice bumper and its light for its size. Got them to powder coat it a grey color that is a close match to the factory gray plastic color. I need to do some work to fit the Rigid Industries spot and fog lights. Would be nice if the holes where bigger to fit the lights I have.

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I wish aluminess made that bumper but not quite as burly looking. It looks wonky on the transit IMHO. But it is a great looking bumper no doubt.
I agree that it does look burly on a stock transit with stock tires etc. In my situation I hope to balance out the look with a transit that sits 2" higher due to the Quigley 4x4 conversion and a larger tire & wheel combination.

That's a great looking bumper. I'm not really sure how that mounts to the van, so I am curious if there is a weight rating for the front hitch and also the recovery tabs there.
You can read how it mounts here. I am not sure on the weight ratings for the front hitch or recovery tabs. The winch recommended is 9,000 - 12,000 lb.... I may never use the front hitch, but its there and gives a guy options. Could put a multi-mount cradle mounted winch that could be used front or back, I also have an Ultimate MX Hauler that I can now use front or back for my XR650.
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