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Front hitch ideas

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With no tow hooks I certainly want to put something on the front of the van.

Anyone use these? I emailed them for a bit more info, like install instructions.

If it is solid enough I presume a hitch could be welded into it, then if need be a winch could be used.

I've often thought of things like these as damage multipliers. But it would be nice to have something on the front to hook on to.

I don't have my van to look at yet. It should arrive in a week. Its Ecoboost and I see in pictures the intercooler is on the front.
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I think the aluminess bumper is probably the only answer. I really wish it was over 2K.

I've bought ARB full winch bulbar for just over 1K. That said Aluminess is building a bumper that doesn't really have a big market for. I would not think many people want a full bumper on a van.

The kicker for me (Canadian) is my exchange the craps right now. At one point we were at par. So that 2K bumper is like 2600.

All I really want is a little receiver square poking out the front.

SO they built a bumper strong enough to have a built in step, but no tow hooks or structure per say for an easy solution...

I get the van on Friday. So looking forward to getting a good look under neath. Not that I would want to fab something that could take winch loads on..
it certainly has very nice lines. I like the colour you picked.

I'm looking forward to seeing you put it on.

I just want to put a front receiver on for a bike rack.

I wonder if any of these RV bumper mount receivers could be adapted to work on the transit front bumper?
Probably some drilling involved.

Aluminess is way,way,way to expensive for me.
I don't think the Aluminess bumper is an option based on price. The transit is not common enough of a vehicle that people outfit with a bumper. An F250 they can charge less.

I think for a bike it would be easy enough to put one of those square adapters in the step area of the front bumper and bolt it in. Since it's only holding a bike I think it's strong enough. Using it to back in boat maybe not so much.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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