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Front hitch ideas

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With no tow hooks I certainly want to put something on the front of the van.

Anyone use these? I emailed them for a bit more info, like install instructions.

If it is solid enough I presume a hitch could be welded into it, then if need be a winch could be used.

I've often thought of things like these as damage multipliers. But it would be nice to have something on the front to hook on to.

I don't have my van to look at yet. It should arrive in a week. Its Ecoboost and I see in pictures the intercooler is on the front.
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I just want to put a front receiver on for a bike rack.

I wonder if any of these RV bumper mount receivers could be adapted to work on the transit front bumper?
Probably some drilling involved.

Aluminess is way,way,way to expensive for me.
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