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Front Bumper cap Removal

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Has anyone removed the front bumper cladding yet? I am going to mount some of these and need to find something solid to bolt too.

I may try to mount them in the recessed front step of the bumper, though if I get more ambitious, I might fab a light bar that goes just below the grill.

If anyone has any info on taking of the bumper cap, I'd appreciate it.

Also, has anyone connected to the Upfitter switches yet? I'm planning on triggering the relay for the light via an Upfitter switch.

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Someone here did remove the bumper cover. The goal was actually to modify the grill... but, the grill, bumper cover and painted apron panel all come off together! You might find out who it was, by doing a search for grill removal.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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