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Ford Transits listed on Manheim Ford Factory sale

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Just looked at the pre-owned Transits coming through the Ford dealer auctions via Manheim. There are 275 Transit Cargo vans and 61 Transit wagons. Most of these will show up at your local Ford dealership. If you are thinking about getting one of these vehicles, check with your local Ford dealer and see if they are buying any of these Transits.

The Transit wagon exterior colors in the sale include 46 white, 6 silver, 5 black, 3 gray, and 1 blue. Transit van colors include 249 white, 6 silver, 2 black, 2 gray, and one yellow. Most of the vans are coming from U-Haul, Enterprise, and Ford Credit. The wagons come from Avis/Budget, Enterprise, and Ford Motor Credit.
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