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For sale: 1 swivel base

I purchased two of these from, the driver-side is identical to the passenger-side except it comes with risers you can install to clear the parking brake.

You can either install this on the passenger side (don't install the risers) or the driver side (install the risers).

I am selling the driver side as I no longer need it (will be building a bathroom behind the driver seat so no need to swivel).

Very easy to install:
  • disconnect under-seat sensor connection (easy)
  • remove seat (easy - just 4 torx bolts)
  • install riser (easy - set risers in obvious location, reinstall the 4 torx bolts)
  • install swivel on riser (easy - install 4 bolts in obvious locations)
  • install seat on swivel (easy - install 4 bolts in obvious locations)
  • reconnect under-seat sensor connection (easy)
You can see the item description here:

Items will be carefully packed and shipped to you.

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