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Ford Transit Gray Vinyl Seats

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Hello there,

If anyone is in need of seats our business converts Transit vans into handicap accessible mobility vehicles. We have a number of brand new full sets removed from 2016 Transits for $750 per set (10 seats, 3 plus 2, single and rear 4). Located in Wisconsin Zip Code 54245. These seats include the floor mount brackets. New to the forum so if this is not in the right spot feel free to move it.

Credit cards are accepted and we can provide shipping quotes but local pick up is preferred. We can assist with loading. At this time we prefer to sell the sets as complete sets of 10, but do have a few miscellaneous spares. Currently in stock is one set of rear 4 (2+2) with 4 brackets for $200. We also have one second row two person seat without brackets.

If someone is not in need of a full set, I think there is a pretty decent marketplace on ebay to sell spares. We don't care to go the ebay route at this point though.

Aksel Schnell
A and J Mobility
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