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Ford Transit blueprints and drawings (for wrapping and 3d)

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Hello again, I’ve promised to make a post about Ford Transit blueprints here. So that's it.

We at Outlines are focused on vehicle blueprints producing. These blueprints are acceptable for Transit wrap, signwriting, vinyl graphics; for 3D modelling and maybe also for t-shirt design :D. Each template is scalable vector file (PDF, AI etc) with editable separate parts and layers. I hope it could be useful for you, mates.

That what I have at the moment:

Ford Transit Drawings

Ford Transit Connect Drawings

If you need to request any other versions or vehicles please use Request page on the website. We could produce any blueprint in one or few days. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you.

Best wishes,
Eli Afan
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Welcome to the forum. I see by your drawings of the Transit, that it is a 2014 model, so would that be the European model? I'm guessing so, since you indicate you are in Riga and your sight has previous year models that predate the release here in the U.S. of the 2015. We have some members on this forum from Europe, so your info may be of use to them. Also, I'll include a link, below, for the TC, as this forum is for the full size Transit, not the TC. As you know they are 2 vehicles that only share a name and manufacturer. If I might suggest, go back and edit your other Thread (remove it) to keep everything about your design company in one Thread, this one. Instead of multiple Threads.

Semper Fi


Looking to get a wrap template for 2016 Ford Transit 350 lwb low roof.

Can someone advise on how I can get this as soon as possible and how much it would cost please?

Scroll up to the first post, tap on "Ford Transit Drawings" and it will take you to Outlines web site.
Depending on what you are doing, you might be able to use the Ford Graphic Designer tool.
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