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i was driving a ford Transit 150,got it from 0km and drove till 40k km, one fine day company changed my assigned vehicle and gave me a poor condition transit 150, after driving it for some time, it's gearbox started showing trouble with a spanner symbol display on the meter panel. When i informed the company they asked me to punch the card(for security purposes, cards needs to be punched inorder for the vehicle to move, else vehicle power cut off at 40km/hr) and drive. i knew it was from gearbox because when i drive in manual, it's starting from the third gear, when i put it to manual and try downshifting, 1 and 2 gears were not showing, just 3,4,5,6 drivable. And on the way somehow the anti rolling got activated and i drove for few 2 km and smoke cane since the break fluid(oil) leaked and spread on the silencer area and took it to garage(oir company never service it in ford, always in the local garage with untrained staffs who knows only to change oil and blew air on the air filter. I used to drive my previous assigned vehicle sometimes in manual if i want to downshift and overtake a vehicle. now the company is blaming me saying you damaged the gearbox by driving it in manual. the damaged vehicle i only drove for one day and my previous assigned vehicle was with me for upto 40,000km and never showed any problem. Please someone reply me this post else they are saying that i have to pay the gearbox cost of 8000 AED. Thanks in advance
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