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Ford Introduces an all-new 3.5 EcoBoost and a new 10-speed transmission

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This goes into more detail:

Given what the Forbes article says about the new emissions standards, both of these will most likely be in the Transit no later than 2018.
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RandomJoe, while automotive journalists constantly rail on all the things they dislike about CVTs, I'm with you I absolutely love them. I love knowing it has extremely large amounts of "gear ratios" to make sure my engine and transmission are running at optimum efficiency and smoothness. I love not feeling shift points!
How about that new invention - a manual transmission. It is always in exactly the right gear that I want. Particularly useful if you enjoy driving. Not so useful for driver's sitting on a couch doing other things.

I test drove a couple of Porsche Boxsters the other day. One with the manual was great and the one with an automatic was just another Buick.
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Did not compare the Porsche automatic transmission to the Transit automatic. Two different animals designed for a different purpose. I just prefer a manual transmission. I was comparing the Porsche with an automatic to a Porsche with a manual transmission.

I have compared the old 5 speed NAG1 Sprinter transmission to the 6 speed Transit. The Transit transmission is far superior. Have read that the newer Sprinter 7 speed transmission with the 4 cylinder works much better than the old 5-speed still being sold with the Sprinter V6.
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