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Ford Introduces an all-new 3.5 EcoBoost and a new 10-speed transmission

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This goes into more detail:

Given what the Forbes article says about the new emissions standards, both of these will most likely be in the Transit no later than 2018.
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I agree more power in the transit seems overkill but some people like more power no matter what. As it is if theres anything on the floor and I step on the gas it goes slamming against the back door. However to address the BMW stop & go. two things, 1 its not as fun as you would think there is a slight pause when you let go of the brake or turn the wheel slight hesitation for power to come on. 2 theres an Eco normal sport and sport plus dynamics button and eco is like driving a prius, the opposite of fun, normal is fine like driving a typical luxury car, sport is a different animal though. Everything from throttle mapping to braking to steering effort to shock settings become more engaged, it changes the car completely and once you're in sport you never want to go back to normal and eco is reserved for people into S&M. the stop & go is deactivated once in sport, it only works in regular and eco. oh and sport plus, as far as I can tell theres no need save for launch control, you must be in sport plus for launch control to engage.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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